All people striLife Enrichment Easter Eventve for knowledge, wisdom, spirituality, and joy. This adventure continues for aging adults. Life Enrichment programming at Our House Senior Living helps each resident continue this quest.

At Our House Senior Living it is important that group and individual programming is structured in a way that meets the needs of each resident, while taking into consideration their life enrichment interests and abilities.

Education and knowledge may continue throughout the aging process in a variety of ways. Lectures, study groups, book clubs and reviews, poetry readings, performances, and current events in the world, nation, and local community enrich and stimulate the mind.

Our residents have much to teach us and to learn from each other. They share their life stories and experiences in discussion groups, enhancing self-esteem and facilitating life review. Those who sometimes feel isolated find kindred spirits and camaraderie.

Residents’ spiritualLife Enrichment with Animals lives continue by practicing their faith in the community and at our residence. Our House Senior Living provides opportunities for residents to join together for hymns, Bible study, and other religious programming. Residents and families are often invited to gather for traditional celebrations.

Finishing a project, volunteering services to others, listening to music, playing a game with friends, watching a great movie, playing bingo, snacking on popcorn, taking in local sites, going out to dinner, and reading a good book are things we recognize that fill our lives with joy and contentment and continue to delight our residents.

We are proud to be able to help the older adults that reside with us enjoy life to its fullest. Knowledge, wisdom, spirituality, and joy – the ingredients of a life well lived.