Memory Care

Our House Senior Living Memory Care provides security and care to seniors with dementia and other forms of memory loss. It is designed to support seniors who can no longer live alone in their community.

Respect, dignity, and independence are the foundation of the care delivered at Our House Senior Living Memory Care. Compassionate staff are trained to tend to residents who exhibit memory loss and need guidance and direction.

Virtual Dementia Training

This program is credited to P.K. Bellville and Second Wind Dreams. Alzheimer’s is an emotional journey. It is difficult to fully comprehend the challenges that your resident or loved one battles every day. Discover the realities of living with dementia, while experiencing the overwhelming effects of trying to perform everyday tasks for a person living with memory loss.

Virtual dementia simulation takes you from beginning to late stages of the disease process. Unlike other virtual dementia tours, this comprehensive tour encompasses tasks and exercises that are essential for professionals and caregivers to experience.

Our House Senior Living is proud to have completed VDT certification for team members in all of our communities and is now offering the tour to others.

These Communities Are Memory Care Communities: