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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of our most common questions:

Is Our House a Nursing Home?
No, Our House Senior Living is licensed in Wisconsin as a Class C Non-ambulatory, Community Based Residential Facility and in Minnesota we are licensed as a Class A, Professional Home Care Agency and registered with Housing with Services. Regardless of licensing, Our House Senior Living is able to provide care for seniors who need assistance with personal cares such as bathing, dressing and grooming, medication management, and incontinence management. Our House Senior Living also accepts residents who use canes, walkers, and wheelchairs, and those who need one-person assistance with transferring.
How Will Our House Monitor My Mother’s Health Status?
To determine each resident’s health care status on an ongoing basis, Our House Senior Living completes and reviews:

  • A thorough assessment format
  • A physician’s plan of care
  • An individualized service plan that details what services Our House Senior Living will provide
  • Medication reviews
  • Daily monitoring and observation
  • Scheduled team reviews
My Dad is in a Wheelchair and Needs Help Getting in and Out of Bed. Can He Live at Our House?
Yes. Our House Senior Living’s residences and care programs are designed to help elderly seniors by providing handrails throughout the residences, handicap accessible baths, and staff trained in one-person lifting and transferring should a resident need help in those areas.
I’m Worried about My Mother. She Lives at Home Alone. I Noticed Her Appearance Has Deteriorated and She’s Not Eating Very Well. Can Our House Help?
Yes. Our House Senior Living’s staff provides assistance and encouragement with personal cares, including bathing, dressing, and grooming. Three nutritious, home-cooked meals a day and snacks are provided, as well as encouragement and reminders to maintain good health through good nutrition.
Can Our House Provide Skilled Nursing Care?
No. However, home health agencies can provide these services at Our House Senior Living as residents need them. Our House Senior Living’s directors can assist in setting up these services.
My Mother and Her Doctor Have a Long-Standing Relationship. If She Moves to Our House Can She Keep Her Own Doctor?
Yes. In fact Our House Senior Living encourages continuity in relationships with all healthcare providers and will assist in making appointments and arranging for transportation. If needed, our staff will assist in contacting new healthcare providers.
My Mother Is Fairly Independent; However, She Is Very Depressed and Lonely. What Could Our House Do for Her?
Many seniors experience depression, isolation, and loneliness. Our House Senior Living provides a sense of community through daily conversation with staff and residents, group setting for meals, and daily scheduled Life Enrichment activities. Also a consultation with her physician, a geriatric assessment, and medication treatment may help alleviate her depression.
My Husband and I Are Planning a Two-Week Vacation. We Take Care of My Father in Our Home. Can Our House Help?
Yes. Our House Senior Living provides a Respite Care Program. Everyone needs a break now and then. You can plan a vacation or well-deserved break. Our Respite Care Program includes all of our services.
What Are the Services and Cares that Our House Provides?
For a list of our services, click here.
Does the Monthly Rate Include Such Things as Water and Heat?
Yes. Our House Senior Living’s monthly rate includes all utilities. Living at Our House Senior Living not only affords you our cares and services, but also it saves you from having the worry of inside and outside maintenance, and paying for such things as snow removal, lawn care, and yearly property taxes.
Frequently Asked Questions

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