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What is Short Term Respite Care?

Respite care provides temporary short-term relief for primary caregivers, enabling you to take a much-needed break from the demands of caregiving a sick, aging or disabled family member. It can be arranged for just a day, a week or an extended vacation. Seeking respite care can help ease the burden of family caregiving and help to relieve stress, restore your energy and promote balance in your life. Respite care can also benefit the person you’re caring for, too. 

At Our House Senior Living, a respite stay is charged by the day. Usually, most insurance plans do not cover these costs. 

Reasons to Use Respite Care

  • Extended Vacation
  • Recovery from a Hospital Stay or Medical Procedure
  • Caregiver Needs to Help Another Family Member in Need
  • Caregiver Needs a Break

Most of the individuals who come to stay with us for a short-term respite stay, come to stay with us after a hospital stay or medical procedure. This ensures that they are healing properly and receiving 24/7 care. 

What Type of Care Will My Loved One Receive? 

Our trained team members provide attention and assistance with medication support, bathing, dressing, cooking and other tasks throughout the day. Our staff will also coordinate services with outside healthcare providers to monitor our resident’s health. So, your loved one will receive the care they need while enjoying the quality of life they’ve earned. Guests can spend time socializing with other residents, team members, and volunteers while resting easy knowing each room features an emergency response system. 

Contact a house in your area today to learn about the various levels of care available to our respite care residents.

Download our short term care guide:

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