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Compassionate Memory Care

Our House Senior Living Memory Care provides secure and compassionate care to seniors with dementia and other forms of memory loss. It’s designed to support seniors who can no longer live alone in their home.

Respect, dignity, and independence are the foundations of the care we provide. Our experienced team members are trained to work with the unique needs of residents who exhibit memory loss and need guidance and direction for their daily routine.

We’ll make sure your loved ones are well taken care of, and experience the best oversight to make sure they are eating right, participating in activities and given the medication they need. It’s a patient and professional level of care that’s very hard to duplicate.

Our programs utilize the latest information on how to best care for people experiencing memory loss.

If you’re wondering if your loved one may be showing signs of dementia, please click on the button below. If these symptoms are evident, consult your doctor. Early diagnosis can mean your loved one gets the care they deserve in a loving, nurturing and comforting environment.

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Care Guide

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