The following testimonials reflect the care and commitment of Our House Senior Living staff.

Dear Tammy,

Just a short note to express my appreciation to you, Benita and all the staff at Our House who provided such caring and compassionate care to my brother, Howard. I know that, because of his increasing health and personal care and needs, he presented some challenges to staff and required extra time and effort from your personnel. These seemed to be offered willingly.

It provided me great comfort to know that Howard was receiving good care in a clean and welcoming environment. Know that your work is acknowledged and appreciated.

Thank you,

Brother of Howard S. – Wisconsin Rapids

The moment we walked through the front door, we knew that Our House Senior Living was the place we wanted our mom to call home. We know she is being watched over by very special people, her needs are being met, and above all, when we visit we are greeted by a big smile on our mom’s face.

Kay B., daughter of resident Jeanette B.

Our House Senior Living On behalf of our family, we want to sincerely thank you for all the kindness and care you have given our mother for the last year and a half. We wish you could have known Mom before her stroke; she was amazingly sharp and had so much to share.
After living with us for three years, Gay and I could no longer care for Mom. Nursing homes were not what we wanted for her. We’re thankful that there was room at Our House; we can’t imagine a nicer facility or nicer people to care for her!
Thank you for all you have done for Mom,
Merry Christmas!

P.S. Sam says: Thanks for the cookies!

Mary and Gay
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Dear Karen,

I’m writing this letter in regards about your facilities in Portage and Lodi, WI. Recently my Mother AnnaMarie K. was a resident at both Lodi and Portage Our House’s, however because of declining health she has moved to Good Samaritan Health in Lodi. I’m writing to you to commend and acknowledge the fine staff at both facilities. The atmosphere, warmth and care she received were outstanding. The girls at both facilities treated her as though she was family and though I won’t single out anyone in particular, there are a couple of young ladies who your house directors know about who were willing to do those extra little things to make Mom feel special and important.

I feel it is also very important to inform you that the following staff made things very easy for me with their help and guidance during Mom’s transition in her life. When Mom first came to Our House my first interaction was with Gretchen Lambert, she was so helpful in advising me in the early stages of Mom’s stay at Portage. Sue Kilen was the next staff member who I had to work with. Sue was outstanding in keeping me up to date on what was happening with Mom and in dealing with CARE WI, which was no easy task. I met Lauri Lingnofski when Mom was in St. Mary’s ER. She also was outstanding in showing care and compassion while helping getting Mom transferred back to Portage Our House. Last of all is Becky Antiporek, she made herself available for me to call at any time to help with placement and questions regarding Mom. The four women that I have mentioned above have all gone the extra mile to show care and love for my Mom when she needed it the most. I feel that I must commend you for having such a fine staff of people working for you in a business where they don’t get the recognition for their efforts that they work very hard for. In closing I would like to extend sincere gratitude on behalf of the our family for all that KSMS Our House and their staff has done for AnnaMarie while she resided at your facilities.

Robert K.
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To Whom it May Concern,

I am writing this note to let you know what a wonderful staff you have at your Lodi Our House facility. These ladies are excellent caregivers. They truly care for my mother and the other residents [and] as a team they work GREAT together! They are always right there to help the residents and their families.

My mother was recently in the hospital and spent 9 days in a nursing home. What a difference in the care she received. I was so happy to get her back to Our House and the wonderful staff. I appreciated your staff before this experience, but I really appreciate them now, seeing what her life could be in another facility.

I hope you are aware of the great staff you have and I hope you will do whatever you can to make sure they stay with your company.

Your staff is a BIG reason why people choose Our House to bring their loved ones when they need help.

Patricia B.
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To the staff of Our House,

Thank you for the care you’ve given our mother over the past 7 months. Once she got accustomed to her surroundings there we believe she was happy. It was important to us that she be kept comfortable and was happy and we believe that was achieved. Thank you for all your help and the care given to her. All the extra time you gave her when needing to be with her one on one to keep her safe was appreciated.

Also, please share a thank you with the residents for being friends with mom and making this time special. We know mom enjoyed the laughter they shared.Special thanks to Marilyn. Your care and concern for mother was wonderful and we can’t express our thanks enough.

The plant that you sent for mom’s funeral was beautiful and also greatly appreciated.

Thank You,
The Family of Joan L.
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Lauri and Dawn,

A quick e-mail to express my appreciation, and I’m sure that of my siblings too, of how impressed we are with Our House, the staff and the entire transition experience dad had this past week.  I for one was extremely skeptical of how he’d take to assisted living since he’d been on his own for so long (almost 10 years) and in the house on County U for right around 30 years!  I’m much relieved to see how he absolutely loves the place!  During my few days in Portage you know I was able to visit his apartment and the facility many times and I was always impressed with the cleanliness and friendliness of everyone I met.  I think my father will be very well cared for and once he gets a little more time there will feel even more comfortable than he already does.  You won’t ever see him at Bingo but he’ll get around.  If you ever can’t find him, look out on the back patio!

John will most likely be our family’s initial point of contact for dad but he does have a form getting filled out by all of us with our personal contact information should the need arise.

Again, thank you for making an expected turbulent and difficult situation into one of ease and relaxation.  We (John) could not have picked a better facility for our father.

Dan H.
Lakeville, MN

Our House Staff,
Words can not express how grateful we are for you and your dedication to the care of your residents and their families! I’m sure many days are filled with more challenges than rewards, but your efforts are always consistent and appreciated!

Miranda and Jasmine,
I wanted to take a moment once again to thank you for everything you did for dad and our family. You certainly always went the extra mile to keep dad comfortable and never give up. I know he was a handful; I only hope you got a glimpse or two of the gentle, loving man that dad really was. Mom and dad’s 63rd wedding anniversary would have been next week, and that will be a difficult day – but we will take comfort in knowing that if he couldn’t be at home any more, he was in good hands with you. God Bless!

Patti + the family of Mick R.

Story by Jessica Betts, Residence Director at Our House Memory Care in Wausau, WI:

I want to let everyone know of something special that happened on the Wausau Campus today:
The assisted living and memory care have a husband and wife living with us– one in each building. Today they celebrated their 67th wedding anniversary!!

Christin was able to find out what the husband’s favorite meal is (it is steak ☺) and she ordered steak for both of them for lunch. Christin also went out and bought an anniversary present for each of them. The residents were able to eat lunch by themselves and enjoy their day together!

Thank you so much for all you do Christin—it doesn’t go unnoticed!! YOU ROCK!!
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I want to express my gratitude for what I saw as very good care. I saw women who treated my aunt Jean with the love and tenderness that they would like to receive when they are old and dependent. I saw that all cared well for my aunt, but I am particularly grateful for the love and affection that was shown to her.

With Peace,
Martha L.
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Our House Staff,

Thank you very much. Your love and kindness means a lot to me and my family.

The Robert S. Family
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Dear Jenny and staff at Our House,

It has been almost 2 months since my mom’s passing. Before and more time passed I wanted to write you a note to Thank all of you for taking such wonderful care of my mom, Barbara B., who passed away on July 6th losing her battle with Alzheimer’s.

Whenever I came to visit her, she was active and out and about. Usually there were new decorations going up, or some “Olympics” being planned for the afternoon. Sometimes mom was petting dogs (she loved her pets), possibly getting ready to sing or have her fingernails painted. I couldn’t help but notice all the individual care and attention that she received from the people working there. Likewise, you took in my Dad too – as I know he misses you all. He tells me so, but has a hard time coming to visit too often just yet.

I have a couple special thanks – one to Linda, and Dominique. You two ladies took the extra step to come sit with me in the hospital as mom was taking her last journey. You didn’t just pop in and leave quickly. You actually stayed for quite some time and just spent time with mom and I. I really thought that was something extraordinary. To work all day with people succumbing to Alzheimer’s, then to come sit with us on your time off, when the end for mom was so near. Special.

Jenny you also came to the hospital – and after she passed away you had your husband and family help us move mom’s things home – in a hurry. Above and beyond really, Thank You.

I also appreciated that many times when I came to visit, usually around meal times… all on your own, you guys would set mom and I up at our own little dining table so we could chat, and I could feed her. There was a comfort there for me, knowing that the time turns the tables and once she fed me, and now I could do that for her. Thanks for doing those little things that mean a lot.

Anyway, time marches on… I appreciate what you did for us. I also appreciate that there are people like you who, after doing this difficult job day in and day out… made us all feel so cared for.

Bridgett B.
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An Article from the WI Rapids Daily Tribune:
Written by Deb Cleworth
Quotes from:
Pam Pavek – Community Director at Our House
Danielle Schalk – Home Manager at Our House
Bonnie B. – Daughter of Our House Resident

As the aging population increased – 17 percent of Wood County’s population is 65 or older – more families might seek care for aging parents, said Pam Pavek, Community Director at Our House. Not all people require the medical care provided by nursing homes, Pavek said.

An assisted-living facility can provide residents with routine schedules and also give the family peace of mind, Schalk said. Staff members are specially trained to in memory care needs. Our House staff participate in a “visual tour” wearing gloves, goggles, and earplugs to try to perform routine tasks, so they could better understand the experiences of their patients.

“It gives you an example of what our residents deal with every day, and it’s very moving,” Schalk said. “Most of us were crying at the end. That’s what their world feels like. It’s sad; you get very moved by it.”

Staff members also provide activities and outings, Bonnie said.

“I always thought that putting her in a ‘home’, that she would just sit there in a room and that’s so sad,” Bonnie said. “I didn’t want that, but that’s how you kind of perceive it. But they do wonderful programs here,” she said.

Her parents even were able to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary together at Our House, Bonnie said. Bonnie wishes it wasn’t necessary, but she said she knows an assisted living setting is the best for everyone.

“My dad still questions his decision, and there’s the guilt; being married for 60 years, it’s real hard to move her from their home,” Bonnie said. Mr. B. often visits his wife and takes her on drives, ice cream outings and family visits. He’s also able to get better rest and has less stress, his daughter said.
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Thank you card from a family who’s mother lived at Our House for 6.5 years:

To know you is to know people who are kind, considerate, and thoughtful. To know you is to be grateful for the special things you do. For everything that you have done, for being the special people that you are, thank you so very much. Words cannot express the respect and admiration I have for all of you. The care given to my mother through the years was wonderful. I praise you for your patience, love and understanding toward my mother who so needed it especially through the last days of her life. I love you all. Thank you for the beautiful flowers and thoughtful words and for everything that you have done for the last 6 years. God Bless you all.
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To Our House:

My father lived at Our House in Platteville for seven or eight years. The care that he received was outstanding. Their care was the best. Debbie and all her staff are to be congratulated on their compassion and willingness to help make each day a good one for their clients.
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To the entire staff of Our House:

I want to thank each and every one of you for the love and care that you gave my mother in law. I am VERY HAPPY that she was able to spend the rest of her life in your care. She loved all of you very much. I truly believe that is why she was able to go in peace in her home. I want everyone to know that in the short time she was with you that you were more of a family to her than her own children. You were her adopted family. I want to thank you very, very much. I love all of you.

PS: Don’t worry, I will still bring cookies.
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Story by Our House Janesville Home Manager:

We have a very sweet man that just moved in not too long ago. He used to live at Our House and I believe was sent back home. When he was asked where he wanted to live. He said “Our House”. When family asked him if he wanted them to check anywhere else, the resident stated ” NO! I want to go to Our House. I want to go HOME.” He made sure to tell all staff, “I think of Our House as my home and you have such wonderful people working here, and that is why I came home. You really care which is very rare now-a-days.”
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Story by Our House Reedsburg Assistant Director:

As most of you already know Hubert M. came to stay at Our House on May 20 for a respite stay which once here turned into long term stay with Hospice help on June 1st. Hubert is in very frail health & wanted to live out his remaining days at Our House with his wife Margie of 65 years. He had only one last wish and this was to give his daughter’s hand away in marriage on June 30th. Knowing this might not happen, Joanne came to me Friday afternoon to see if we could help grant his wish and have the wedding on Saturday. Yesterday afternoon at 4:30pm, Joanne M. was married with family from all over attending. Her sister came from England, other family from California, Iowa, and Wisconsin.

The bride came down the hallway and stopped at the arch we had set up for the bride and groom. Joanne M. turned to Hubert and said, “Can you stand dad”. Hubert with a help stood and walked to give his daughter away with tears in his eyes and a bright smile.

All of the residents attended with smiles on their faces. The house was decorated perfectly with fresh flowers donated by family, food was catered by Viking Village, more flowers and vases donated by local florist who thought what we were doing was nothing short of amazing, as did the bridal shop in town.

The bride and groom stood under the arch saying their vows as I watched Hubert M. turn to Margaret, reach for her hand saying, “Grandma hold my hand”, As they held hands there was not a dry eye in the house.

I think, of all the events that have taken place in this house, this is one that will be remembered forever. There was not one family member that did not come to me to personally to “Thank all of Our House”, for doing this. They said they will be telling everyone what a fantastic place we have and how we as a company go beyond what anyone would expect in caring for people who live here and their families. To see everyone smile and feel their happiness was a privilege. I have never been prouder of the job that we do as I was yesterday. As Hubert lay down, he told staff how happy he was. I know he slept with sweet dreams and eternal memories of this day. He is still talking about the day we gave him the ultimate gift of seeing Joanne married and all of his children and family attending.
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Hi Michelle:

All too many times, people only report negative service and don’t acknowledge positive service. I didn’t want to miss this opportunity to share the positive.

As you know, my mother, Louella P., spent about a week away from Our House in the hospital. She’s now back at “home” at Our House and very happy to be there. She just told me what a difference there is between the care, compassion and friendliness of the staff at the hospital and the staff at Our House. While in the hospital, if she had to buzz for something, she had to wait quite a while to get that assistance. At Our House, a member of the staff is right there to check on her and help with her needs. While the hospital staff is knowledgeable and competent, they lack the personal touch with people that is so very evident by the staff at Our House. The facility and staff at Our House has made a difficult transition for my mother much better because of the wonderful, caring staff.

Michelle, please feel free to share this message with the staff and from the entire Pace Family, thank you for taking such good care of my mother and wishing all of you a very Blessed and Merry Christmas!

David P.
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Thank you card from Upland Hills Hospice team:
– You all do such a wonderful job. It is evident how much you care about all the residents. Thanks for letting us be a part of your team. – Emma
– What a pleasure and an honor it has been to work with all of you.
Thank you for all of your help.  – Amber, RN
P.S. You take wonderful care of your residents – it truly shows.

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I attended the Virtual Dementia Tour and it completely opened my eyes! I feel confident that I will be better able to care for those people with dementia/Alzheimer’s! I think everyone caring for patients [with dementia] should experience this training! It is unlike anything I have ever experienced!!!

Thank You!
Jennifer J., CNA

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