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Bridgett B. Bridgett B. Testimonial

It has been almost 2 months since my mom’s passing. Before and more time passed I wanted to write you a note to Thank all of you for taking such wonderful care of my mom, Barbara B., who passed away on July 6th losing her battle with Alzheimer’s.

Whenever I came to visit her, she was active and out and about. Usually there were new decorations going up, or some “Olympics” being planned for the afternoon. Sometimes mom was petting dogs (she loved her pets), possibly getting ready to sing or have her fingernails painted. I couldn’t help but notice all the individual care and attention that she received from the people working there. Likewise, you took in my Dad too – as I know he misses you all. He tells me so, but has a hard time coming to visit too often just yet.

I have a couple special thanks – one to Linda, and Dominique. You two ladies took the extra step to come sit with me in the hospital as mom was taking her last journey. You didn’t just pop in and leave quickly. You actually stayed for quite some time and just spent time with mom and I. I really thought that was something extraordinary. To work all day with people succumbing to Alzheimer’s, then to come sit with us on your time off, when the end for mom was so near. Special.

Jenny you also came to the hospital – and after she passed away you had your husband and family help us move mom’s things home – in a hurry. Above and beyond really, Thank You.

I also appreciated that many times when I came to visit, usually around meal times… all on your own, you guys would set mom and I up at our own little dining table so we could chat, and I could feed her. There was a comfort there for me, knowing that the time turns the tables and once she fed me, and now I could do that for her. Thanks for doing those little things that mean a lot.

Anyway, time marches on… I appreciate what you did for us. I also appreciate that there are people like you who, after doing this difficult job day in and day out… made us all feel so cared for.

Thank you card from a family who’s mother lived at Our House for 6.5 years:

To know you is to know people who are kind, considerate, and thoughtful. To know you is to be grateful for the special things you do. For everything that you have done, for being the special people that you are, thank you so very much. Words cannot express the respect and admiration I have for all of you. The care given to my mother through the years was wonderful. I praise you for your patience, love and understanding toward my mother who so needed it especially through the last days of her life. I love you all. Thank you for the beautiful flowers and thoughtful words and for everything that you have done for the last 6 years. God Bless you all.

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